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Blue Shield Latex Gloves

About Us

Pamidi RSB Glove Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer & importer of premium quality disposable gloves.

Its Blue Shield range of Latex Powder-Free disposable gloves are manufactured at high-end ISO certified facilities. These gloves are ideal for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing due to their ergonomic design, superior manufacturing process and high-quality packaging. Blue Shield long cuff gloves are manufactured using Malaysian online-chlorination technology. Blue Shield sterile gloves come with indicators that confirm the sterilization process the gloves have undergone.

Super Guard range of Nitrile Powder-Free gloves are manufactured in Malaysia at one of the largest manufacturing facilities and are globally renown.

Pamidi RSB Glove Industries is founded and managed by professionals graduated from IIT/ IIM. The company and its sister concerns are currently supplying their products to many leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies in India. We are recognized in the market for our professional approach and prompt service.